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Laser Vector Graphics

We built a phosphorescent sphere display vector images with a laser.

Fall 2016

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Kinetic Sculptures

In Olin’s Mechanical Prototyping class, which I took Spring 2018, I worked on designing and manufacturing two kinetic sculptures. They both had to fit within a 12”x12”x6” box, and requirements on mechanisms (four bar linkages, gear boxes, slot-slider-crank, and others).

The first sculpture was… a challenge. I personally had close to no experience in manufacturing, which made design for manufacturability difficult. Our design had a few problems and was constantly iterated on, which made interfacing different subassemblies hard. In the end, we got the “good effort” award.

The second sculpture went much better. Our design was better scoped, we now had experience making a kinetic sculpture. We made deadlines, effectively separated the sculpture into distinct subassemblies to parallelize work, and gave ourselves enough time to make the whole thing look nice. Tereshkova I, named after the first woman in space, was awarded the “best overall” award.