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International Cardistry Open

I placed first at the 2015 ICO, which involved making a series of four videos, each within the span of 10 days.

Summer 2015

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Exploded Process: An engineer’s insight into the design of Cardistry

I have been doing Cardistry for over eight years. What’s kept me going all this time is that fifty two cards and two hands offer an unlimited space for cardists to explore. Surprisingly, there is a lot of room for creativity in Cardistry. Exploded Process, which I wrote in 2018 (and available here), outlines the process for creating original flourishes in detail. Part I: Taste, or the evaluating function is about decomposing what separates good cardistry from boring cardistry. Part II: Process, or how we do what we do has four sub-chapters:


How does one come up with new ideas?


How does one take an idea and push it to be the best version of itself?


How does one make a full cut with just an opener?


How does one make a cut look as good as it can?

This book is a project in collaboration with Cardistry Touch( The inspiration for this book came from many sources, including a series of interviews, Hold my brain while I’m shuffling by Dimitri Arleri, the design process (which I’ve learned over my time at Olin), and a music theory class.

Exploded Process was revealed at Cardistry Con 2018, and will be released in December 2018.