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User Collaborative Design

We collaborated with Waste Disposal Managers to design a product with them.

Spring 2017

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CaterPill is an app that helps you remember to take your medication on time, when you have time. A reminder that goes off while you are busy can be distracting and ineffective. Since medication rarely needs to be taken at a very precise time, we designed an app that will do its best to only remind you to take medication when you are free. We wanted to make a fun, smooth experience to reduce the friction of recording medication intake, while implementing failsafes to ensure medication is safely taken.

This project came from the User Experience Design class at Olin in the Fall of 2017. It exists as a proof of concept looks-like works-like prototype here.

You can find the whole report here.

In short, we interviewed users about their medication habits, how they remember when to take them, and what software they might already use. We then researched existing products on the market as inspiration. We found most of them to be rigid and unfriendly to use, so we put most of our efforts towards making a seamless interaction. We then built a paper prototype and tested it on potential users. We used it to iterate on the design before implementing it in Framer (, a javascript based interaction design tool.
The value in this project to me was having to design the nitty gritty of all interaction, ensuring all edge cases are taken care of. I think that we made good progress on that front, but given more time we could have produce a much more polished prototype.

Paper prototype used to test our initial design.

Video of the initial Framer prototype (note that the cursor is slightly offset).